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8/14/20 – “Virtual” Friday Night Club

Title: “Virtual” Friday Night Club
Location: Zoom
Date: Friday, August 14, 2020
Start Time: 4:30pm
Link out: Click here
Description:  Hosted by Ted Hill:
Carol & I decided to do the FNC by Zoom to accommodate everyone. I’ve some jokes and a couple of discussion questions that I could introduce to spruce up the meeting.

>>If you have not done so, you must download Zoom. Please go to – You can also call 1 669 900 6833. Call me if you get stuck, and I will try to help. Ted 831-449-1953.

>>To Join the Zoom Meeting click on this link.
Meeting ID: 849 1004 1154
– A white box will appear. Click on the words: “Open Zoom Meeting”.

>>Start signing in a bit early so you will know that
you are in and just stay signed in.

NOTE: For people with older computers, you will be able to listen, see other members as well as talk and we will hear you, but we won’t be able to see you.

11/14 or 11/15/20 – Broadway Play “Dear Evan Hansen”

Title: Broadway Play “Dear Evan Hansen”
Location: San Jose Center for Performing Arts
Dates: Saturday, November 14 or Sunday, November 15, 2020
Description: From Nancy Perlman: San Jose Center for Performing Arts, July (No) and Evening performances. “Happy to report that Cathy Obrien has joined the fun. I have seen tons of plays, but have never seen “The Lion King”. It was to be performed in July — and now cancelled — and you know why! I’m hoping that another newer Broadway Play, “Dear Evan Hansen” will happen in the fall. This award-winning show about a teenager who writes letters to create other realities is supposed to be fabulous. Ticket prices start at $75. Other prices are $85 and $135. Let’s have dinner beforehand at a fun San Jose restaurant! Carpooling recommended. If you have an interest or questions, let me know within the next couple of weeks (before 7/01/20) by text at 612-910-9123 or email at