9/25/21 – Ballroom Dance meets Belly Dance

Title: Ballroom Dance meets Belly Dance
Location: PG Dance – 205 17th Street (17th & Lighthouse)
Date: Saturday, September 25, 2021
Time: 6:00pm
Description:  From Nancy Perlman: It’s time for another Dance Showcase! I appreciate my avid fans always inquiring about the next one. Be sure to ask them, and they will tell you that this is far more than a dance recital! My dance is a combination of Rumba/Salsa/Belly dancing. My time slot is #1 or #2. $25 entry fee. We will go on to International Cuisine across the street for pizza, roughly 8:15 PM — my treat!. Let me know if you are attending. 612-910-9123 or nancyperlman@comcast.net