11/14 or 11/15/20 – Broadway Play “Dear Evan Hansen”

Title: Broadway Play “Dear Evan Hansen”
Location: San Jose Center for Performing Arts
Dates: Saturday, November 14 or Sunday, November 15, 2020
Description: From Nancy Perlman: San Jose Center for Performing Arts, July (No) and Evening performances. “Happy to report that Cathy Obrien has joined the fun. I have seen tons of plays, but have never seen “The Lion King”. It was to be performed in July — and now cancelled — and you know why! I’m hoping that another newer Broadway Play, “Dear Evan Hansen” will happen in the fall. This award-winning show about a teenager who writes letters to create other realities is supposed to be fabulous. Ticket prices start at $75. Other prices are $85 and $135. Let’s have dinner beforehand at a fun San Jose restaurant! Carpooling recommended. If you have an interest or questions, let me know within the next couple of weeks (before 7/01/20) by text at 612-910-9123 or email at nancyperlman@comcast.net.