12/08/17 – Friday Night Club – Chili’s

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Title: Friday Night Club – Chili’s
Location: Next to Embassy Suites, Seaside
Description: Come to “Happy Hour” at Chilis after you pick up your beautiful poinsettias in the Embassy Suites parking lot. Their Happy Hour runs from 3-7. I I’ll be there at 3:30 to save places in the bar area. No reserved seating… So first come first served. Come early if you want a seat! Carol
Start Time: 3:00pm
Date: Friday, December 8, 2017
End Time: 7:00pm

12/15/17 – Friday Night Club – Sticks at Spanish Bay

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Title: Friday Night Club – Sticks at Spanish Bay
Location: Sticks at Spanish Bay
Description: Meet at Sticks Restaurant at 4:00 pm at Spanish Bay overlooking the golf course and the ocean. Fabulous view. See the bag piper at 4:30 pm play on the green. Don’t worry about the gate fee. Just tell them you are eating at Sticks and they will let you through. Best to enter through the Country Club Gate on Forest Lodge Road in Pacific Grove. About 6:00 pm, some of us are using the spa (pool, sauna, hot tub and steam room). If this interests you, call Carol Marquart at 831-375-2235. Sorry, no happy hour prices but the view makes It worth it.
Start Time: 4:00pm
Date: Friday, December 15, 2017

12/22/17 – Friday Night Club – Home of Diane & Steve Dahms

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Title: Friday Night Club – Home of Diane & Steve Dahms
Location: Still to Come
Description: Diane and Steve Dahms have graciously offered to host FNC at their lovely home. Watch for more details.
Date: Friday, December 22, 2017

What is the Friday Night Club?

Posted on : 18-10-2009 | By : mechalina | In : FRIDAY NIGHT CLUB

The “Friday Night Happy Hour Club” meets every Friday at different locations around the peninsula at local bars and restaurants.  Anyone who has the time on Friday Night after work is welcome to join us.  We get together to wrap up the long work week, talk about upcoming events, make new friends, and stay acquainted with old friends, along with investigating the many food venues around the area while supporting our local restaurants and bars.

The cost to come is just what you decide you want to drink or eat, some will have their own appetizers (or share), and it is generally over by 7:00 p.m. so you can go home or out on the town for the night.  It is not required to that you eat or drink, some just get water.  Be sure to check with the servers before ordering to find out what the current specials on the food and drinks are when you arrive since they sometimes change from when it is posted to the website.  Also, be aware that when we have large groups, it may all come on one check.  If you want to pay separately, be sure to order at the bar, they also might add the gratuity when over 6 people of up to 20%.  If you have questions, contact either Carol Sendell, with phone number on the roster.