10/16/20 – Friday Night Club – Vesuvios

Title: Friday Night Club – Vesuvios
Location: Junipero & 7th, Carmel
Date: Friday, October 16, 2020
Time: 4:00pm
Description:  from Carol Sendell: Hi everyone, we will continue our outdoor happy hour, especially since the weather is so beautiful! I am planning to have FNC at Vesuvio. Their rooftop area is perfect for our group. I will arrive between 4-4:15. I am asking for some help reserving tables outdoors. Anyone who can come early and help me with that please let me know. Here’s the deal. No separate checks. Please bring cash. They said they will split the check 2 ways. They offer a wide array of appetizers, specialty drinks, and of course beer and wine. Please come and join me at this great spot. Vesuvio is located on the corner of Junipero and 7th in Carmel by the Sea. Carol 831-419-6722.